Flower seasons in Sapa

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Any Sapa tourist when going to Sapa feels excited about the beauty and peace of this place.Like other places Sapa also has four distinct seasons, in spring the flowers and plum flowers bloom, making Sapa extremely brilliant.

The flowers are blooming

Just like the spring in the high mountain streets, in Sapa in the spring, the weather is warm, blending with the atmosphere are the blooming flowers. Most of them are peaches, plum blossoms, pear flowers, apricot flowers, orchids, orchids of all kinds …

travel to SapaThe peach trees in Sapa grow long time through the time of mossy white moss but still spring greetings with beautiful flowers that are perverted to be remembered for anyone coming to Sapa on this occasion.

Rhododendron blooms bloom around February until the end of April 30 in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Azalea flowers bloom the most in the road to conquer Fansipang peak. There are more than 50 species of rhododendron with many typical colors: yellow, white, pink, red, purple, points for “roof of Indochina”. Rhododendron blooms all year round but the best is in the spring, creating beautiful scenery that vibrates many tourists.

rice terraces fall season

Sapa tourism in spring can see the terraced fields to wait for the new crop. Along the roads to the village of Cat Cat Sin Chao, Lao Chai, Ta Van, ethnic people are engrossed in a new season. The steps of terraced fields in spring water, sometimes three early transplanted rice fields are adorned with green soil. The soft soil of the young rice fields is no less attractive than the golden rice fields.

Special festivals

Sapa tourism in early spring, visitors will be immersed in the traditional festivals of ethnic people here such as: Khèn Sua festival, Ta Van village of Dao Tuyen festival, Gau Cao festival of January 11 , lunar calendar at Sin Chai Ta Giang Phin village, Giay Ta Van’s Roong Pooc festival, new rice festival and banana flower festival of Xa Pho Van Ban people, Thuong Ro temple festival in lunar January …

Not only that, when coming to Sapa at the beginning of the spring, tourists can also participate in meaningful spring market sessions with the desire to buy risky goods of the ethnic people here, with the hope of a good year. The early spring markets like Sapa market, Can Cau Simacai market, Bac Ha market, Coc Ly market are always interesting things in every tour to Sapa.


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