Lam rice 3

“Lam” rice (or Bamboo Cooked Rice) is a typical dish of ethnic minorities in mountainous area of Northern Vietnam.
Originally, “lam” rice was invented as a kind of food for long journey in the forests. Upon the journey, Vietnamese ethnic people can cook rice in a bamboo pipe instead of a pot. By the time passed, “lam” rice has become popular, and is preferred as impressive blend of rice, stream water and slight scent of bamboo.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho com lam

“Lam” rice is made from sticky rice which is grown on the hills. Sticky rice is put in a bamboo pipe and added some water. For more delicious taste, ethnic people usually use stream water and add some salt in. The bamboo pipe then will be sealed up by banana leaves and roasted above red coals or hot fire. That process will be done within about 30 minutes.
“Lam” rice is served with grilled chicken or grilled Man pork. Some sesame and salt are indispensible while eating this dish. Let try fine and hot “lam” rice in cold weather of Sapa once in your life!


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