Interesting experience when traveling to Sa Pa

Remember the beautiful scenery and the people of Sapa


Not yet known Sapa. Go and then clear this whole delicious dish ^^.

Not only is the place where there are beautiful scenes, where the Hoang Lien Son mountain range has a majestic message, there is the dreaming height of Fansipan touches visitors, but Sapa Cuisine is also a place to indulge tourists. Join me around Sapa to understand the charm of any Sapa Cuisine !!!

Enjoy Sapa specialties

DELICIOUS SALES SAPA FOOD Must definitely try !!

Salmon, Sturgeon

First of all, let’s try the dish from salmon specialties. Did you ask a question? Salmon is a nutrient-rich fish that is classified as a luxurious type of “foreign”. It doesn’t sound like “made in Vietnam”. If anything, it would be expensive.

You guys, exactly salmon is Sapa specialties , raised in Sapa. Fresh food, very Vietnamese price. And sturgeon is a long type of fish, it seems that Vietnamese name is more than right. Large sturgeon can be up to 20-25 kg.

Processing hot pot sturgeon

The salmon and the delicious fish is the stream on the way to Silver Falls that will have entrance signs. In addition to households and some restaurants in Sapa or build sturgeon tanks at home.

How much salmon and fresh sturgeon are processed are different dishes. Se will be cold to sit and make the hotpot go away. Then you can make fried, tomato sauce …

Sitting eating pot of sturgeon hotpot

Well, I like the pure, fat feeling when eating Sasumi salmon. You do not know how to eat raw fish, go to Sapa to try Salmon Salmon style.

Sasumi Salmon in Sapa


In the past, when I went to school, my teacher told me to go to Hà Giang and not eat. What about Sapa?Victory is also a traditional dish of ethnic groups in Sapa. But in Sapa now travel more than Ha Giang, so the dish also changes a little to suit the general taste of visitors.

In fact, the original Victory is made of horse’s horse, horse fat, horse riding, saying that they are a cover of the five organs of the horse, but it is said that it is not clean at all. All are seasoned to taste in an old big pot, the smell emits a bit of concentration.

Originally, many victories did not eat. So please tourists, most restaurants in Sapa now prepare Thang dish is to clean up all the intestines, and also add vegetables and pho like a hot pot. The taste of Victory in Sapa is easy to eat, with horse meat, horse’s heart, horse inside.

Pot Winning Hot in Sapa

Pork Pork Armpit

Why is it called an armpit ? You guys have a rough idea, right? But think of taking a pig or a pig from a house in the plain, or stealing it in your armpit to make sure it is twisted. The pigs here are like black pig, small and small. One is about 5-6 kg. Pigs here are mostly released by people on the streets, on the fields, on hills, when they catch meat, they must run and hold on to their armpits, and hold them tightly.This pig looks pretty, processing everything is delicious.

You can make crispy roasted pork, boiled pork is sweet, make sweet skewers. Then, pig’s heart and pig’s nourishment, many restaurants make delicious food. If you want to try it all, call a full mom, just be happy, happy and eat.

Full mother pig

Chicken Hill

The chicken is the chicken that drops on the hill, right? Where there is a plain here, don’t drop the hill.These chickens were run for food from the childhood “rolling up the wind” so it tasted good.

I always like what is the most original, so I have a combination of salted chicken and lemon chili. Sounds like stimulation, right? Here you can choose a meal full of grilled dishes: chicken, fish, corn … There are many homestay very large garden and charming scenery, set a barbecue party to watch the sky and then comfortably back to the room Good warm sleep.

Chicken turning hills – Sapa specialties

Why do not I suggest you burn fire, camp overnight to sleep because the weather in Sapa on the night of any season is cold. But the criteria of traveling is to give me a feeling of pleasure, so that when I still have a chance to increase the rope, I will be happy for the goal – travel, hihi.

Vegetables – fresh – juicy in Sapa


Where to find Susu ??? You go on Thac Bac road. On this hill after that hill is Susu. Susu has fruit, has tops cooked very well.

Sautéed Susu (Sapa is a susu)


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