8 destinations cannot be missed in Sapa in the afternoon

Muong Hoa Valley – Sapa

Season of plum flowers

Plum blossoms are one of the specialties of the northwestern forest in general and Sapa in particular. Book attractive domestic tours in March, when the plum blossom in Sapa blossomed most, you will see firsthand the pure white plum blossom hills in the mountains. You will also feel how beautiful Sapa is when driving across the passes and forests with white blossoming plum trees.The field of white plum flowers is also a tourist destination that many young people check in in Sapa during March.

The plum blossom season is wide in Sapa in March

The season of plum blossom grows in Sapa in March days (Source: travel.net)

Season of azaleas

From the middle of March after the season of white plum blossoms erasing the mountains, the end of March and the beginning of April is also the time of blooming of azaleas. Rhododendron is a wild plant of the northwestern mountain forest, yellow rhododendron flowers are also extremely vivid red.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mua hoa sapa

You will be able to see clearly the blooming rhododendron trees when taking the cable car to Fansipan and looking down at the forests below. Special rhododendrons are only abundant in the Hoang Lien Son range of Sapa and are recognized by Vietnam and heritage trees.

This flower also only blooms in cliffs, so if you want to see this flower with your own eyes, you can join climbing trips in Hoang Lien Son or Fansipan peak. Blooming rhododendron flowers is considered the most accurate answer when asked what is beautiful about Sapa?

Season flowers triangle circuit

In addition to plum and rhododendron flowers, Sapa is also famous for its triangular flower. If you want to watch this flower the best, book a tour to Sapa in October. This is considered a flower full of vitality, courageous and can bloom flowers in the rocky plateaus.

Sapa also has extremely large triangular flower fields and brilliant pink colors when it comes to the blooming season. Because of this wild beauty, many tourists have come to Sapa during the October days .

Brilliant beauty of flower triangular circuit

Brilliant beauty of circuit triangular flowers (Source: foody.vn)

Beautiful scenery in Sapa

Beautiful scenery of winter Sapa

Winter is considered the most beautiful season of the year. If you want to see the snow in real life and feel the coldness of the weather, you should go to Sapa this season. In addition, you will also enjoy Sapa mountain specialties , together with people gather around the fire and enjoy a glass of typical apple cider here.

Sapa filled with white snow in winter

Sapa filled with white snow in winter (Source: sapalaocai.com)

Beautiful scenery of spring Sapa

If you prefer not to be too cold in winter, you can come to Sapa Spring. Spring here is like a colorful picture with warm sunshine after a cold winter, bright red color of peach blossom or white plum blossom color … You will also admire the hidden escape villages present in Sapa’s mist in the early spring days. Therefore, spring is also a great time when asked what is beautiful about Sapa?

Fresh Sapa in spring


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