Sapa is a subtropical climate land where has a different ecological and appearance from other place of Vietnam. Sapa like a strange island in this Northwest mountains. It’s an attractive destination for any tourists.

Sapa has been a popular holiday venue with French. Perhaps there are many ancient villas follow Western architecture form that makes Sapa town looked like a small city of Europe.

Can you see the similarities between Sapa and Innstbruck city (Austria) in this picture? (Photo by Trung Dang Tien)

It’s looked like an old castle in Europe, but a corner of Sapa town. (Photo by Emmanuel Cateau)

“The land of fog” of Vietnam (Source: Internet)

You will be very surprised if you come to Sapa and see the Sapa Church. The Sapa Church still retains its beauty eventhough It had undergone the fierce war years. 

The Sapa Church was built in 1895 in the center of Sapa town. It is bearing Gothic architecture and made from stone.

The back of the Sapa Church. (Photo by Luong Cao Dung)

Inside the Sapa Church. (Source: Internet)

Other beauty of Sapa town is the streets which is filled by tranquil and luxurious cafeterias. The space is not only modern but also very ancient. You don’t want to stay indoor? Go out! Come on! You can try the outdoor night barbecue right in street and talk with some native speaker. It will be a special experience.

The little cafeterias at Cau May street. (Photo by Jang Nguyen)

          In recent years, it’s snow in Sapa.

Sapa in snow. (Source: Internet)

Landscape like a remote village in Europe. (Source: Internet)

Ethnic people in a snowy day. (Source: Internet)

Snow lay everywhere. (Source: Internet)

          Sapa is graceful and romance like that! Do you want to come here this season?


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