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The beauty of Sapa in the spring

8 destinations cannot be missed in Sapa in the afternoon

According to the recent assessment of Purewow site, the place of Sa Pa (Vietnam) is ranked 5th in the top 50 most beautiful places in the world.

Sapa is located on a ground at an altitude of 1500 to 1650 meters on the slopes of Lot Suoi Tong, in the northwest of Lao Cai province, 38 km and 376 km from Lao Cai city.

Find out, what makes Sa Pa become the most attractive and beautiful destination in the world in the eyes of tourists?

Pleasant weather

Located at an altitude of over 1500m, the average annual heat of Sa Pa is about 18-20 degrees C. So, come to Sa Pa in any season of the year, whether summer or winter, rain or shine Blind, Sapa still feels very pleasant and relaxed by the fresh air.

In addition, one of the most attractive points of the Sa Pa weather is because of the nickname “the city of fog”, in the early morning, opening a small window will feel like being “mesmerized” by the frame. poetic scene. The villages were silent in silver-gray tones, the brilliant brocade colors and the mountains of the same message in the white of the mist.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Impressive scenery of an early stay in Sapa. (Photo: oumkanpai)

Destination suitable for everyone

Sa Pa is easily loved by tourists and selected in their travels, because it meets the demand of fun and enjoyment of the majority. The most obvious proof is that whether you go in groups, couples, or go alone … Sa Pa still has its own charm to make you feel excited during the journey.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Sa Pa possesses a multitude of interesting things to suit the needs of many tourists. For couples, they can watch the clouds together, experience Fanxipang climbing or explore beautiful small villages. (Photo: audacitytoroam)
dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
For travelers traveling alone, they have time to relax and relax, explore and explore the indigenous culture of the people here. (Photo: mariaelenabayley)

Majestic natural scenery

To Sa Pa, you can see the poetic beauty of Ham Rong mountain, Muong Hoa valley hidden in the early dew, of Thac Bac, of terraced fields stretching across the mountains and hills. Each season, the natural landscape of Sa Pa is like wearing another shirt with the beauty difficult to resist.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
The natural landscape of Sa Pa is combined with the creativity of the people along with the terrain of the mountains and hills, the green of the forest, as the picture has arranged in a harmonious layout to create a region with many scenes charming colors attractive. (Photo: viajeseroski)
dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Terraced fields in Sa Pa once reached the top 11 most beautiful terraced fields in the world voted by the travel magazine TP in 2017. (Photo: wholesomehavens)
dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
In addition, the beauty of Silver waterfall is also attractive to attract tourists when always in the top of certain places to come in Sapa. (Photo: Parischristie)

Diversified accommodation services

In recent years, Sapa tourism has developed markedly, in addition to investing in attractions and service quality, focusing on building diverse accommodation systems, in accordance with needs, Special attention has also been paid to tourists’ funds.

In particular, the concept of homestay also becomes one of the reasons and creates “own brand” of Sapa. Not only lovely design, the homestay in Sapa is quite cheap, ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 VND / person on average.

Some names include: Elco Pam House or VietTrekking Homestay hidden in the clouds.

In 2017, National Geographic’s prestigious magazine offers a list of 21 ecological resorts worth being in the world, including Topas Ecolodge in Sa Pa and Lao Cai.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Jade Hill Resort possesses natural scenery like a miniature paradise, easily conquered at first sight. (Photo: tthspinel)
dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
In addition to affordable accommodation services such as motels, homestays, hostel, in Sa Pa also owns a long list of luxury hotels and resorts with prime locations, high-class services in line with the cost. higher. (Photo: Paoshotel)

Cultural diversity, bold identity

To fully experience the beauty of Sa Pa, visitors to Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin … or join the fair early. The cultural quintessence of Sa Pa is focused here, from the way of talking, to the cultural products, or the ethnic food that is sold.

Of course, don’t forget to attend the “Sa Pa Love Market” session every Saturday evening, where couples go to find partners.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Understanding the beauty of culture in the life of local people is also a way for you to experience and discover many good things in Sapa. (Photo: Napolitan)

Famous and delicious cuisine of Sapa

Visitors to this place are not only attracted by the charming scenery but also learn about the rich culture here, enjoying the delicious sturgeon hotpot.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
Don’t miss enjoying salmon hotpot and sturgeon hotpot when coming to Sapa. (Photo: prithveemaharaj)

Travel expenses are not too expensive

From Hanoi to Sa Pa instead of having to catch the same connection as before, now visitors only need to travel exactly one passenger bus at a cost of VND 260,000 / trip, taking 4 hours to move is quickly lost in floating sea clouds in the misty town.

In addition, visitors can choose to go to the bedside air-conditioned boat at a cost of VND 450,000 / way.

dieu gi khien sa pa lot top 50 diem den dep nhat the gioi
With each of these reasons, it is understandable why Sapa is the most interesting and interesting destination in the world. (Photo: thutrangpham)


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